Social Engineering - Phishing

Our engineers gather Social Engineering scenarios that MSI is seeing “in the wild” daily. They will work with your team to craft a scenario that meets your company’s needs and tests your Social Engineering program.  MSI will selectively target your user population with a realistic Social Engineering attempt that simulates one that could be created “in the wild”.

  • In today’s world of SE threats, every company should be versed in the potential attacks that can come from a variety of nefarious sources.
  • MSI will provide testing services that will challenge your employees and provide an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of your SE Awareness Program.
  • MSI will work with you to create a variety of attack scenarios. Some examples below:
      • Targeted, company specific email
      • Phone SE attempt
      • Introduce Trojans through left behind USB sticks
      • Simulated malware attack
      • A physical security breach attempt
    • Our engineers can help you craft a scenario purporting to be an executive within your company or purporting to be a client of your company and attempt to gather information.
    • A detailed report of the testing results will be provided to the client as a basis to measure their current SE Education Program. Additionally, clients will be able to form a basis for more specific or expanded user education.
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